Implementing Operational Commisioning

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Operational commissioning is a shared responsibility of the RHH Redevelopment and RHH.

There are four functions that underpin the operational commissioning delivery structure.

  1. Managing – delegated staff responsible for the management of clinical and operational areas.
  2. Enabling – services that enable the smooth, structured and evidence-based delivery of the commissioning of K-Block.
  3. Supporting – services that directly support the physical moves and establishment of the new  clinical areas.
  4. Moving – the teams and patients who are involved in relocating wards and services to K-Block.

A cross-functional delivery team (the team) will ensure a safe, efficient and planned relocation of patients and staff to K-Block.

The Nurse/Unit Manager is responsible for the move.

The Senior Project Officer (SPO) RHH Redevelopment team is the project manager.

The team will have representation across the four functions.

The team will be supported by ward/service working groups determined by the needs of each ward/unit.

  • Nurse/Unit Manager (Business Owner)
  • Ward/unit representatives as determined
  • Senior Project Officer (Project Manager)
  • FF&E
  • ICT
  • Infection Control
  • Communications
  • Project Support and Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Nursing Education
  • Emergency Management
  • Pharmacy
  • Pathology
  • Hotel and Environmental Services

See below for the full delivery structure.


ICTInformation and Communications Technology
FF&EFurniture, Fittings and Equipment
DoHDepartment of Health
RHHRRoyal Hobart Hospital Redevelopment
WACSWomen's, Adolescents and Children's Services (RHH)