Smarter, Safer, Calmer Operating Theatres

K-Block’s new operating theatres will be smarter, safer and calmer with the $4.2 million contract that will deliver more than the tables and lights commonly associated with theatres.

Clinicians will have access to advanced images or imaging information at their fingertips, consumed on-screen, in the theatre, real-time.

Audio-visual equipment not previously available at the Royal Hobart, will bring high-resolution, imaging information into theatres like x-rays, CTs, and imagery from angiography and the cardiac catheter labs. Images from the in-light camera can be displayed on the wall monitor or the image from the surgical microscope can be displayed on the wall monitor or the theatre operating light brightness can be controlled from a touch screen on the wall.

More efficient operations will result from nursing staff also having access digital screens to keep abreast of the procedure and anticipate the needs of the surgeon.

Digital screens will be available at eye-level providing a better ergonomic environment and optimising visual information for surgeons and anaesthetists.

Students will no longer need to be in theatre to experience theatre. Improved infection control will result from the use of cameras and microphones that will allow clinicians to share what’s happening in theatres with remote sites. There will also be the capacity to record procedures for teaching purposes.

The new technology can assist calm patients before procedure as well. Patients are not generally asleep when they enter the operating theatre. With the DOT, theatre lights can be dimmed, a calming image (like a screen saver) can be displayed on the monitor and music can be played through the audio equipment to help reduce any anxiety patient may be experience.

A great deal of work is underway planning the relocation of hospital services into K-Block. The demonstration unit has been made available so staff can begin to familiarise themselves with new technology that will be available in K-Block. This is part of the operational commissioning process which prepares a new clinical or service area for occupation.

Device Technologies Australia Pty Ltd have been contracted four packages of operating theatre equipment.

In each theatre, the typical AV solution will consist of high definition monitors (two large monitors wall-mounted and two smaller monitors ceiling mounted within the surgical field and with inbuilt micophones); a room camera and an in light camera; ceiling speakers and the system that integrates all the information.

There are eight operating and procedure rooms on level 4 of K-Block including theatres and diagnostic interventional suites.

Watch this short video which shows many of the features of the Digital Operating Theatres.

Digital Operating Theatre technology that will be used in K-Block operating theatres.
Permission provided by STERIS Bordeaux Marketing.

'Dorothy' the demonstration unit with a calming image which can be displayed when the patient enters the operating theatre.

Operating Theatre Nurse, Sam Booth and General Surgeon/Head of Surgery at the RHH, Luke Rayner, at their briefing on the new equipment, 22 May 2019.

29 May 2019