K-Block Reality After Year of Achievements

After a year of achievements, the $689 million Royal Redevelopment took a massive step forward with the handing over of B-Block to the Managing Contractor this week.

B-Block will be demolished to make way for Tasmania’s new state-of-the-art health facility.

K-Block will be a modern hospital with more bed capacity, more operating and procedure rooms, and more contemporary facilities.

Although K-Block will be built in the least disruptive, safest and most efficient way possible, some disruption and impacts will be unavoidable.

Demolition will be challenging for neighbours, staff and particularly for patients who are unwell and under-pressure because of their health circumstances.

We apologise for the noise and vibration that will be caused by the works and thank the community for their support.

To ensure safety for patients, staff and contractors, a demolition exclusion zone will prohibit public access to the area.

B-Block will be secured with walls built on each floor of the hospital at the walkway between A and B-Blocks.

Soft demolition works will start before the end of the year with the removal of internal building materials including the managed removal of hazardous materials.

B-Block’s service connections will also be isolated and disconnected.

Structural demolition will commence in January 2017.

Demolition will be completed in around six months.

The handover of B-Block comes after a mammoth year for the RHH Redevelopment which overcame construction challenges to open:

  • 54-bed capacity, modern, health facility accommodating general medicine and mental health patients
  • new short stay surgery unit
  • new acute dialysis unit
  • new ambulatory care centre
  • new Clozapine clinic
  • new inpatient oncology unit including iodine therapy
  • new neurology and neurophysiology rooms with Faraday cages
  • new endocrinology offices
  • new women’s and general surgery unit
  • new orthopaedic and surgical specialties unit
  • new acute rehabilitation unit
  • new medical specialties unit
  • new stomal therapy rooms
  • new inpatient rehabilitation rooms
  • new transit lounge for discharged patients
  • new cardiology and cardiothoracic rooms
  • new patient transport assistance scheme
  • numerous administrative offices
  • temporary hyperbaric chamber and
  • temporary loading dock for deliveries to the hospital.

The RHH Redevelopment project is a joint Australian and Tasmanian Government funded initiative.

14 Dec 2016