Gearing up for K-Block

Ten more tenders for the construction of Tasmania's largest ever health infrastructure project were listed on the ICN Gateway in September 2016.

The latest opportunities include: precast concrete walls and columns; precast concrete façade panels and shell beams; mechanical services; electrical services; hydraulic services; fire services; medical gases; pneumatic tube system; building management system; and site accommodation facilities.

The best way for local contractors to be part of the Royal Redevelopment is to submit for these work packages as they are released by the Managing Contractor.

The advertisement of these substantial tender packages will be staged over a number of weeks.

Site accommodation for contractors while K-Block is built was publicly advertised on Saturday, 10 September 2016.

Tenders for both the supply of precast concrete walls and columns for the main K-Block structure and for the façade is anticipated on Saturday, 17 September 2016.

Other tenders to be advertised include mechanical services works which will provide all the ductwork and air conditioning for K-Block.

Tenders for electrical services main works and hydraulic services main works will provide the extensive reticulated electricity and plumbing systems to K-Block.

The fire services main works will ensure K-Block meets fire regulations and standards including fire detection and sprinklers.

Medical gases are an essential part of a hospital’s operations and include the supply of oxygen for resuscitation.

The pneumatic tube system rapidly transports pathology specimens from wards to laboratories by a system of tubes that use compressed air to move the objects.

The building management system will provide the information technology to control the hospital’s infrastructure systems.

Sub-contractors are encouraged to register their interest on the ICN gateway

13 Sep 2016